Live classes taught in Kelowna. The question asked by British Columbia Real Estate Association to the New Real Estate Agents:

What I enjoyed most about this instructor was:

* Ability to facilitate, and give us real life experiences

* Both instructors are very knowledgeable with considerable experience and were willing to share with us how it “really” works.

* Great real life example and engaging.

* Her ability to clarify the students was amazing. She connected well with the entire class, her sense of humour calmed many students anxieties on what will be expected of them from clients. She engaged the class easily.

Her personality ! Very fun to be around, she was real and easy to connect with. Very confident !

*Her personality. Karen made the day go by smoothly and quickly and never droned on too much when she talked. She explained things clearly in an unambiguous terms and helped solidify my understanding of the concepts of Day 1.

*Her real life experiences to ensure our understanding.

* I loved her fun , humorous approach & her willingness to share her personal experiences! She kept me interested the whole time ! Awesome job Karen. You rock !

* Karen is knowledgeable and cuts to the point quickly.

*Karen’s enthusiasm for real estate was clear, and her breadth and depth of knowledge was superb.

*Personal experience and personality!

* Karen’s no bull cut to the chase attitude was great. Thoroughly loved every minute.

*Sharing of personal experience.

*Sharing real world experiences.

* She was engaging and strong presenter.

* She was very knowledgeable, experienced and real. She really engaged her audience.

*I appreciated her comedic relief and matter of fact ways.

*Please continue to do what you do, the world needs individuals like you.

*When you want a career change - TEACH !!!!

Reviews - 6 week Course Transform from Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Business:

I loved Karen's class, I wish starting my career in real estate, I had the knowledge that I finished this course with. Karen helped me tune up my business and marketing plan and provided me with so much helpful information! Thanks so much!

Karen offers a no-nonsense proven path to Real Estate Excellence.

First of all I am a huge fan of Coaching and education at whatever stage you are at in your real estate career. I recently sat in on Karen's "How to become a successful REALTOR in 6 weeks!". Her messaging is very relevant and should be offered by every brokerage. The extra value that Karen brings to coaching is that she is an experienced working REALTOR® and she knows of what she speaks. Her presentation style and enthusiasm for our career path is infectious and she provides the tools that can guarantee your success!

Agent Review : Power Hour Strategy Session:

Karen was incredibly generous when meeting me for the first time. Her experience and insight enabled her to identify exactly what the strengths and challenges of my business are. With her forthright manner, delivered in a passionate and caring way, Karen was able to redirect my focus to what really matters; servicing clients, focusing my business and showing the way forward. 
I strongly recommend Karen to anyone looking for a practical, solution based approach to the challenges of operating a small business.

Some clients comments from last 2 years:

Your the best Karen your so quick which makes you a great REALTOR® Anna P.

Karen Singbeil, done a fantastic job of selling my land. I would recommend Karen 100% Stephen P.

Karen was nothing short of outstanding. She helped us secure our cottage on the lake at fair market value. Her familiarity with the area proved invaluable. If you're looking for a realtor in the Sicamous area, Karen will go above and beyond to get the job done. Arletta H.

Karen goes out of her way to make everything as easy as possible for her clients. Would definitely recommend her services. Carolyn A.

Karen is by far the most hard working agent we have ever used. Not only is she personable and professional, her integrity far exceeds any expectations. She always has your best interests at heart above any bottom line, and is very reliable for knowledgeable market advice. We would 2000% recommend Karen above and beyond ANY realtor in the Shuswap. Thanks to Karen for helping us cross off a vacation home from our bucket list and providing outstanding service on a seamless process!! Tasha L. 

It's was absolute pleasure working with Karen, in the purchase of our property at Mara Lake. She is the most impressive agent we came across in our 3-year search. Her knowledge of the real estate  market was very impressive and we could tell right away that she was in complete command of the type of offer it would take to secure the home. Being from Alberta where our real estate laws are slightly different than in BC. Karen took the time to explain everything, and she did so very clearly, with obvious insight that revealed to me how much experience she has.
This was a difficult purchase; but her tenacity, dedication, hard work, plan strategies and intelligence all contributed in producing a successful purchase for us.
Karen a year later is still in contact with us and helping us out with questions, she actually does care after the deal is done. Thank  you for working your magic. Frank G.

Karen is very professional and knows the real estate business well. She has an excellent reputation and that is why we chose her to sell our home in Swansea Point. After she successfully accomplished this she assisted us in finding a home to rent while we continued to search for our dream home and, of course, she sold us that as well!   Reason being, is that she is always thinking of her clients, past & present.  We trust her knowledge, expertise and extensive networks.   We have recommended her to family & friends.  I wish her continued success! Karen K.

In the spring of 2014, we contacted Karen about listing our property on Mara Lake which had been listed but without success. The market had been slow and contacted her for no other reason but to try someone different as we had our property listed previously and although very happy with the previous realtor, we just felt a change may, change our luck. When we met Karen, she boldly predicted, "I WILL sell your property this year". A bold statement for sure! I went away skeptical about her statement, and low and behold, by the end of May Karen had brought us an offer that was fair, reasonable and our deal closed shortly thereafter. Very impressed with her confidence, and the results she produced. Thank you Karen..
Dewain & Anita K.

Karen Singbeil is an excellent realtor! She sold our  property on Lake Mara BC Canada. Dealing with two countries was not easy for us, Lawyers, (in both countries) Accountants, Canada taxes, etc. etc. she helped us through the process. Without her help I don't know how we would have managed. She is really efficient. Noreen M