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Basic Quick Fix - 1 Hour Online Consulting Power Strategy Session with Karen- Get started today: $75 + gst

Monthly Madness: 4 Hours - 1 Hour per week for a month of consulting:

You can pick 4 different power strategy sessions from the topic list you feel you need or want to fine tune your business

or Pick one and we will pair with comparable themes based on what you want to help you moving forward.

i.e. Marketing , Branding, Social Media and Video i.e. Listings, Open Houses, Difficult Clients, Finding Seller Clients What's important to you ?

1 Month - 4 Hours of Online Coaching with Karen- Power Strategy Sessions $250.00 + gst

Transform from a Real Estate Agent to Real Estate Business- 12 Hours of Online Instruction with Karen- 2 Hours per week for 6 weeks - Full Course $500 + gst (provincial tax)

Do you know any other business where you work for free and hope to get paid ? Welcome to real estate where your living is based on your performance. It is about you and how you run your business. I can teach you all of that. What to do to get the money and build a successful business.

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  • Agency

  • Disclosure

  • Ethics

  • Marketing

  • Difficult Clients

  • Referrals

  • Client Gifts

  • Possession

  • Inspections

  • Foreclosures

  • Buyers Agency

  • Open Houses

  • Farming

  • Etiquette

  • Professional Standards

  • Commission Objectives

  • Agent Branding

  • Goals & Business Planning

  • Serving on your Board

  • Technology

  • Social Media

  • Video/Pictures

  • Listings

  • Broker Tours

  • Showings

  • Advertising 

  • Deciding on Brokerages

  • Sell your Value

  • Obtaining More Listings

  • Get Paid what you're Worth

  • Stop working for FREE

  • Overpriced Listings

  • Expired Listings

  • Multiple Offers

  • CRM

  • Assistants

  • Teams

  • How much money can I make 

  • Owning a Brokerage

  • Getting my Brokers License

  • Websites

  • Where do I start

  • What's important to you ?

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