Real Estate Business Development Specialist - Karen Singbeil

Real Estate Business Development Specialist - Karen Singbeil

Karen Singbeil - Real Estate Business Development Specialist

New Real Estate Agents - Seasoned Agents 

Next Level Agents - Real Estate Brokers 

Transform from a Real Estate Agent to a Real Estate Business

Build a business where the business looks for you! 

How do I become a successful real estate agent?

I will teach you my proven systems built on the sweat of over 20 years of real estate experience of how I became and stayed consistent in real estate sales year after year after year, consistently earning 6 figures.

I am an American who has sold real estate in Canada since 1996 years. I knew 1 person who was a Canadian when I started in real estate and I was married to him. I have sold hundreds upon hundreds of homes & condos over my career which has spanned over two decades.

Real Estate doesn't have to be difficult you just have to know what to do in order to succeed and I will teach you that in my course ! The only difference between you and I is I know what to do and you probably don't.

The business is simple but it isn't EASY. **Do to demand I can NO longer offer the first session FREE. The full Course cost is $499.00 + gst (5% provincial tax) per person

6 reasons to take my real estate sales course:

1. You want to succeed in real estate sales and make it a career.

2. There Is a higher rate of failure in real estate sales than there is for success in this job. And you want to be in the success side.

3. Those who enter fail more times than those that succeed.

4. I am here to tell you that it doesn't have to be that way.

5. There are simple rules you must work and live by and like any job, yes a job, you have to WORK for it !

6. In the end you are running a multi million dollar business you need to act like it.

It is that simple. I can teach you all that.

Karen Singbeil | Associate Broker | Personal Real Estate Corporation

Real Estate Business Development Specialist - Karen Singbeil